Precision Silicon Components
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Quality is our policy. Perfection is our goal.

At every step, from design and manufacturing to delivery and use of your product, our quality management team is at work.

We utilize sophisticated management techniques, advanced equipment and highly trained personnel in every aspect of our business.
CASS understands the importance of controlling processes to ensure product compliance and validation.

We validate tool design, test prototypes and establish rigid testing and inspection procedures.

At CASS,  Quality is the top priority, beginning with design and continuing throughout the life cycle of the product.
GR&R  (Gauge, Reproducibility, and Repeatability)
GR&R is a statistical tool that indicates the consistency and stability of a measuring system. CASS conducts Gauge Reproducibility and Repeatability Studies to  ensure they pass all repeat and calibration tests. We continually analyze the results and use them as guides for refinement of the process.
Process Validation
CASS validation process begins during the first stages of design, and continues throughout post development. It includes a first article inspection report, data collection, and statistical analysis. 
ISO and FDA Registered
CASS strives to have the required processes and practices in place to ensure the highest level of quality is delivered to our customers. Our quality system is in accordance with Quality System Regulations (QSR) 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485:2003.

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